Welcome to the Technical Development Center

Why Technical Development Center?

At the Technical Development Center, our mission transcends beyond just soccer; it's about fostering a community spirit through the sport. Led by our esteemed coach, Jordan Walshaw, a UEFA B qualified professional, our program is dedicated to the technical and personal growth of our players. The Technical Development Center emphasizes a comprehensive developmental approach, harnessing the principles of both traditional soccer and futsal to create a unique training environment.

Under Jordan's guidance, players are encouraged to embrace their creativity, enhance their decision-making speed, and become confident leaders on and off the field. Our focus lies in crafting a space where individuals can flourish, pushing the boundaries of their abilities, and transforming them into not just skilled athletes, but also into well-rounded individuals.

What is the Essence of Our Training?

Our program leverages the dynamic and fast-paced nature of futsal, a game celebrated for its emphasis on skill, agility, and quick thinking. Originating from Uruguay, futsal is a variant of soccer played on a smaller field and mainly indoors, promoting a higher frequency of actions and interactions with the ball. This environment is perfect for nurturing fundamental soccer skills such as precise ball control, swift passing, and strategic gameplay.

At the Technical Development Center, we integrate these elements into our curriculum, ensuring young athletes, particularly between the ages of 6-14, receive a well-rounded and effective soccer education. Our approach is designed to elevate a player's game by refining their techniques, improving tactical awareness, and fostering a proactive mindset.

Renowned soccer legends like Ronaldinho, Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo all share a common background in futsal, highlighting its significance in developing world-class talent. Our program draws inspiration from these success stories, aiming to lay down a solid foundation for our young athletes, propelling them towards excellence in soccer.

By choosing the Technical Development Center, you're not just enrolling your child in a soccer program; you're setting them on a path to becoming adept, confident, and creative players, echoing the journey of soccer's greatest. Join us and witness the transformative power of a curriculum inspired by the world's elite, structured and led by the expert hands of Jordan.


Discover the Technical Development Center: Your Child’s Pathway to Soccer Excellence

Welcome to the Technical Development Center, Rock Hill’s premier soccer development program, specifically designed for young athletes aged 6-14. Nestled just south of Charlotte, NC in the Rock Hill area, our center is more than just a training facility; it's a transformative space where the vibrant and challenging world of futsal meets comprehensive youth development.

Our program is tailored to empower children by enhancing their soccer skills through the engaging, fast-paced game of futsal. Recognized for its benefits in improving quick thinking, agility, and ball control, futsal is an exceptional foundation for young players. Each session at our center is a blend of fun, learning, and growth, aimed at boosting self-confidence, fostering creativity, and developing cognitive skills crucial both on and off the pitch.

The Technical Development Center is committed to holistic player development. Our expert coaching team, led by the esteemed UEFA B qualified Jordan, along with Division 1 soccer players and coaches, integrates key futsal principles with modern soccer techniques, ensuring a well-rounded curriculum that prepares young athletes for all aspects of the game. We offer a unique approach that not only hones technical abilities but also cultivates the mental sharpness and creative flair that distinguish great players.

Understanding the busy lives of families in our community, our center provides a flexible, monthly recurring program. This continuous enrollment model ensures that your child’s development is uninterrupted and progresses naturally. With the option to choose the frequency of sessions, parents can tailor the program to fit their family’s schedule and their child’s needs, guaranteeing an optimal learning environment for every young athlete.

Join Our Community and Build a Lasting Foundation:

  • Futsal Footprints (Ages 3-6 - Coming Soon): A visionary program set to launch soon, introducing our youngest players to the world of soccer through futsal. This once-a-week session focuses on maximizing ball contact in a lively, supportive environment, fostering early development in balance, creativity, and confidence.

  • Technical Development Center (Ages 6-14): Offering daily sessions that cater to all levels of play, our program emphasizes individual skill improvement through technical drills, varied game formats, and innovative soccer practices. From freestyle to street soccer and traditional futsal, we provide an unparalleled environment for personal and athletic growth.

Monthly Enrollment Options:

  • Choose from 1, 3, or unlimited sessions per week, with pricing structured to accommodate every family’s needs and commitment levels. Our transparent, recurring payment options ensure hassle-free registration, allowing your child to focus on what truly matters - growing, learning, and enjoying the game.

Embark on this exciting journey with the Technical Development Center, where we believe in the power of soccer to shape futures, build character, and create lasting memories. Sign up today and witness your child’s transformation into a confident, skilled, and passionate soccer player.