Welcome to Futsal Foundations

Why Futsal Foundations?

Everything we do is focused on building and developing our community through the game of futsal and football.  The Futsal Foundations program is passionate about technical development of the players in our community.  By using Futsal as a base we build environments where players can rapidly develop as individuals, learn to creatively express themselves on the ball, build confidence, improve their speed of play and decision making and unleash the fearless leaders in all of our players. 

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a fast-paced, small-sided football game that originates from Uruguay and has gained immense popularity worldwide. It is typically played indoors on a hard court surface with a smaller, low-bounce ball, promoting ball control and skillful play. Futsal emphasizes quick decision-making, precision, and technical skills, offering players numerous touches on the ball and fostering an environment where individual skills are honed to perfection.

For young soccer players especially at the all important ages of 3-16, futsal serves as a fundamental tool for early development. The nature of the game naturally cultivates essential skills such as ball control, passing accuracy, and tactical awareness. The smaller playing area and the reduced number of players on the field ensure that each child is actively engaged, leading to increased ball touches and opportunities to practice skills in real-time. Futsal encourages players to think and act quickly, enhancing cognitive development and decision-making skills. The integration of futsal into a young soccer player’s training regimen lays a robust foundation, fostering not only technical prowess but also instilling confidence, creativity, and a deep-seated love for the beautiful game.

Famous examples of players who started with futsal:

  • Ronaldinho
  • Dani Alves
  • Neymar Jr
  • Lionel Messi
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Ronaldo "O Fenomeno" Nazario
  • Xavi

More info from UEFA Stars on the power of Futsal:  https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/news/0262-108f7a6f0ca6-62e1f87ba866-1000--futsal-and-me-top-footballers-share-their-love/

What is Futsal Foundations?

Unleash your child's potential with the "Futsal Foundations Program" – where the dynamic world of futsal meets innovative youth development. Our program is meticulously crafted to harness the fast-paced, skill-centric nature of futsal, creating an unmatched training environment that nurtures young talents aged 3+. Each session is a symphony of learning and excitement, designed to improve confidence, unleash creativity, and enhance cognitive abilities.

At Futsal Foundations, we believe in the transformative power of futsal. With its emphasis on ball control, quick decision-making, and tactical awareness, futsal becomes the catalyst for holistic development. Our professional coaches are adept at integrating these elements, ensuring that every child not only masters the technical skills but also develops the mental acuity and creativity that sets them apart on the field.

We understand the need for flexibility and convenience for both parents and young players. That’s why Futsal Foundations is a monthly recurring program, eliminating the hassle of re-enrolling every 5-10 weeks. Your child’s development is continuous, and so is our program. Players have the freedom to choose how many sessions they attend each week, offering a tailored experience that fits individual needs and schedules.

Join Futsal Foundations and step into a world where each kick, dribble, and goal is a stepping stone to a future of confidence, skill, and passion for the beautiful game. Your child’s journey to becoming a well-rounded player, equipped with the technical prowess and mental agility to excel, begins here. Welcome to a foundation built on excellence, innovation, and the unwavering belief in every child’s potential to shine brightly in the world of soccer and futsal.

Programs Available for all levels of play: 

  • Futsal Footprints (Ages 3-6): With Futsal at it's core, this introductory 1x per week program helps give kids a head start maximizing touches on the ball through our unique child development focused program. Unleashing creativity, improving balance, building confidence and more in a fun, fast paced environment. 
  • Futsal Foundations Player Development Center (Ages 6-14): daily options available, maximize touches with technical training, 1v1's, 2v2's 3v3's and 5 a side futsal games.  Program incorporates freestyle, street soccer, futsal, and more to create an unmatched training and development environment allowing individual players to rapidly improve their skill, confidence, awareness and overall abilities. 
  • Futsal Foundations Academy (Coming Soon): Weekly small group player centric training clinics held over 5 weeks. Sessions are focused on developing individual players with themes based on tactical, technical and position specific game development ideas.  

Monthly Recurring Registration Options - Futsal Foundations PDC

  • 1 Session per week - $100 per month 
  • 3 Sessions per week - $135 per month
  • Unlimited Sessions - $175 per month